About Us

Guangdong Da You Food Company Limited, a snack foods manufacturer, is a large enterprise that inherits traditional culture and keeps innovating。 Located in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese,Xinhui of Jiangmen city in Guangdong Province。It was awarded by The State of Department Commerce as “ China Time-honored Brand ” in  2010。

       With a long history, Da You food has a profound culture. It was first established as “Da You Jiangyuan”in 1779 (the 4th year of the reign of Emperor Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty). The definition of Da You stems from the Book of Changes. Da

You is a divinatory symbol, symbolizing grandness and abundance. Started as a family workshop, it is now developed into a large modernized food-manufacturing enterprise, covering an area of over 60 acres and a construction area of 42,000 square meters for its plants. It has an annual capacity of 3,000 tons of preserved fruit and 2,500 tons of nuts. With advanced manufacturing facility of preserved fruit and leading product line and quality inspection device of salt-dried peanuts, Da You adopts closed process in manufacturing and packaging and extensively uses many sophisticated food manufacturing techniques such as vacuum soaking, long-range infrared ray dried baking, high-speed pillow-size packaging and vacuum packaging.It totally discards the traditional unenl ightened sun dried method and realizes exclusive planting, supervising and purchasing of major raw materials. Despite over 200 years’ great changes, Da You outstands itself and becomes a Guangdong Famous Trademark. It is well known home and abroad.

      The market of Da You products is mainly in Pearl River Delta and spreads to large and medium cities all over the country. Da You products are mostly exported to 30-odd countries and regions such as the US, Canada,Australia, Southeast Asia, the UK and Holland, etc.

        He time-honored Da You inherits traditional manufacturing techniques and keeps innovating. The legendary“A Tuo sweet-sour gingers”, exclusive product of Da You, becomes a topic that people take delight in talking about. It is said that a humpbacked old man Mr. Deng in Xinhui in Qing Dynasty invented A Tuo sweet-sour gingers.A Tuo sweet-sour gingers is a kind of ginger cake elaborated from lemon juice, preserved tangerine peels, gingers and brown sugar. It is soft,sweet, aromatic, delicious and famous for its functions of dispelling cold, strengthening the spleen and stomach,facilitating expectoration, and suppressing cough. Greatly favored by Yi (Jiangmen) people, it is still on mass production. A Tuo sweet-sour gingers and some other products of Da You such as Chinese orange cakes, sugared gingers, snowflake plums and Facai Yingzi (preserved plums), etc., have become the local specialties and a symbolic touring gift of Xinhui long before.

       “Sourcing from but better than fresh fruits, rooting in but outstand the nature.” For many years Da Youproducts have been constantly honored with state-level and provincial-level awards. For example, the productswere three times honored with the Good Product Prize from China National Light Industry Council and the Bronze Medal from Beijing International Exposition and twice entitled as a Guangdong Famous Trademark.

      “To elaborate good fruits and pass on the time-honored brand.” Nowadays, Da You people continue to work towards Da You objectives-to create value for customers, to build up a comfortable environment for employees,to benefit shareholders and to develop civilization for the society. Da You takes the spirits of devotion to career, teamwork and innovation as its guideline, and always provides safe, healthy, hygienic and quality food for consumers.

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